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Photo of the Day: Embracing couple in a rubble

Photo credit: Taslima Akhter The above is a picture of a couple who died embracing each other. Their remains were found in the rubble of a collapsed factory where they died. Obviously, they died ‘in love’. What do you think about the pix? Please follow

New Photos from Second Niger Bridge

It may come slowly but gradually, we seem to be having a road map for the actualization of the Second Niger Bridge. With massive construction going on this site virtually all day, the South-Easterners may sigh of relief at last. According to the latest images

(Photos) Nigerians Pushing their bus in Mecca

Here is the moment Nigerians Hajj Mission were Seen pushing their bus in Mecca. This are group of Nigerians who went for pilgrim in mecca and their car got problem they were spotted pushing it. Watch The Video . Please follow and like us:20

The Story Behind this Picture will melt Your Heart

Memorable photos of the two friends at a soccer game have stolen many hearts. Apparently, you only need one hand to steal a heart. It’s a trick that Carson Pickett and Joseph Tidd seem to have played on each other, as well as on the

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